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Notice for all students (2020-04-17)

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Notice for all students (2020-04-17)
by LMS Admin - Friday, 17 April 2020, 12:40 PM

Dear students,

University of Ruhuna is going to take few measures to enhance the employability of graduates. The following measures will be implemented in near future.

1.     Entrepreneurship study circles

2.     Toast master speech craft lessons

3.     Soft skill development programmes

4.     Outbound clubs

5.     Courses to enhance the professional qualifications

As the initial step, we would like to establish a “Entrepreneurship study circle” and a “Faculty speakers’ club” within our faculty. The Entrepreneurship study circle will help to all graduates of faculty of Allied Health Sciences. For example, if you dream of starting a pharmaceutical industry, pharmacy, and laboratory or even to market your skills such as wound care, health promotion activity etc., the entrepreneurship skills are indeed a need. Attaching this study circle would assist you to meet the experts, learn from them and have links with them. The Faculty speakers’ club will support you to enhance your language, presentation and even the leadership qualities with toast master consultants.

I invite all the willing students to join this study circle as founder members.

If you are willing, kindly inform your interest to me through following email; Or else, if you want to send the list of names of each batch, send it through your one of batch representative to this mail or through WhatsApp or Viber to 0775749621.


Thank you

Ms. Nirmala Rathnayake

Faculty Coordinator

Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

University of Ruhuna